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The Long Version:

Aztecs of central Mexico recognized the hummingbird as a sort of soul-carrier. They believed the souls of warriors were carried back to earth in the body of the hummingbird.

Hummingbirds ask us to recognize the good stuff. They remind us to love ourselves enough to go for the very best nectar life offers.


With this in mind, chef/artist Hector Guerrero and designer Elizabeth Baena introduce Chuparrosa.  Chuparrosa has been their ongoing project, developing and evolving for the past 9 years while living between the U.S., but mostly in Mexico-San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and Oaxaca. 

The concept of Chuparrosa began to form while Hector and Elizabeth lived in San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico. They were married there in April of 2010 and they have a beautiful daughter, Xiluen, who was born in December of 2011. Hector has worked as a chef for 9+ years and is trained in Mexican Cuisine as well as Japanese cuisine. Before living in San Miguel, Elizabeth designed many interiors for Anthropologie stores, as well as many other commercial and residential projects as a freelance designer. She has a passion for traditional hand work and textiles.  In San Miguel, Hector and Elizabeth lived in a number of amazing spaces that they designed together. They both love interacting with a rich variety of people so they frequently rented rooms to travelers, cooked for them, and arranged tours and other events for their enjoyment. Additionally, Hector and Elizabeth have designed and catered larger events in San Miguel such as The San Miguel Writers Conference, and Wedding Receptions for Penzi Bodas.  In October of 2010 they had the opportunity to organize a week long inspirational and buying tour for Keith Johnson, Anthropologie’s chief buyer for over 25 years and creator of Man Shops Globe. Hector and Elizabeth truly love connecting visitors with the vibrant and creative people they know in Mexico; they love creating experiences that will be remembered forever.

Hector, Elizabeth and Xiluen returned from a highly inspirational long journey in Oaxaca.  There they spent every minute and resource discovering and working with local artisans.  10 years ago there were 10 million traditional artisans in Mexico.  Today there are 2 million.  They hope to help in the endeavor of spreading the word and work of these wonderful people.  They had the privilege to learn from and work along side La Familia Martinez, potters from Atzompa.  With them, they developed a gorgeous line of authentic earthenware that you can view in the Shop.  They befriended a master natural paper maker who's vision and process is based on his experience and knowledge as a Biologist, someone who cares deeply about the environment and the natural materials available around us all.  They spent countless days with family mezcal distillers, admiring the beautiful and tiring process, as well as enjoying many sips of their artisanal mezcal with the families.  These are just a few examples of the interactions they had with so many beautiful and talented people of Oaxaca.

Inspired by the rich culture and colorful life on the streets of Mexico, Hector and Elizabeth have long fantasized about creating a destination that would be inspiring, healing, educational and creative. While building up to this dream of a physical destination, they are currently offering authentic Mexican cooking classes and Supper Clubs in Portland, OR, as well as creating personal trips for travelers wishing to have a unique and memorable experience in Oaxaca and/or San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

While living in Portland, OR., and traveling to Mexico, they plan to continue to build their vision and passion for all that encompasses CHUPARROSA.

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The Short Version:

Hector and Elizabeth met while living in San Miguel de Allende, GTO.  They quickly discovered they shared a passion for art, design, cooking, creating spaces, dance, community, food, travel, family & friends. ...they share a love for the richness of the culture, tradition and artesania of Mexico....they share a desire to create beautiful and interesting objects and spaces, to collaborate in life with all people old and young, to always teach & learn.  Their daughter Xiluen was born in San Miguel.  They have spent the past 9 years between the U.S. and Mexico, creating and building their vision...CHUPARROSA.