Héctor and Elizabeth met while living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  They quickly discovered they shared a passion for art, design, cooking, creating spaces, community, food, travel...they share a love for the richness of the culture, tradition and artesania of Mexico....they share a desire to create beautiful and interesting objects and spaces, to collaborate in life with all people old and young, to always teach & learn.  Their daughter Xiluen was born in San Miguel.  They have spent the past 9 years between the U.S. and Mexico, creating and building their vision...Chuparrosa.


connecting cultures and creating community through food + CELEBRATION.

Chuparrosa is about bringing rich Mexican culture and food to Portland.  We have pop ups around town,  private events and cooking demonstrations.  We are always looking to collaborate with others with similar goals and values, and have met wonderful friends and partners along the way!

Héctor Guerrero: Owner + Chef

jardin botanico san miguel de allende guanajuato

Héctor Guerrero is from Mexico City.  He is passionate about food, art, music, travel.  Hector is a creator, and loves to share all that he learns and discovers.  He lives a simple and conscientious life, integrating his ideas and experiences between two cultures, bringing both to each other.

You can view Hector's work experience/art portfolio here: www.hectorguerrero.work

 Contact us for more information and dates about supper clubs, trips and classes with Hector Guerrero.


Elizabeth Baena: Owner + HOST


Elizabeth Baena is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her experience and studies include conceptual art, interior design, jewelry design, company branding, home accessory design and fabrication. She is passionate about art & craft, traditional hand work, food, creating spaces, ritual, travel. She has spent years living in Mexico where she met Hector. Their daughter Xiluen was born at home in San Miguel de Allende. She loves to connect people and create memorable experiences for others, inspired by Mexico.

You can view Elizabeth's full work/experience portfolio at www.elizabethbaena.com.