Cooking Demonstrations


We are passionate about home cooked fresh food and Mexican flavors.  Héctor Guerrero is a self taught chef who has spent years cooking with other chefs and creating his own spin on family recipes.  He loves cooking for friends and family, and thoroughly enjoys sharing and teaching others about his discoveries, along with all that he has learned in his travels and varying work experiences.  Chuparrosa brings the cooking demonstrations and parties to you, and we take care of every detail.  We are well versed in cooking Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan as options. 

cooking demonstration Evanta portland oregon

Team Building, Gatherings with Friends or Family;  Héctor shares  tips and recipes, history about the plates and the culture.  An intimate and engaging experience that is fun + memorable.

 We have created corporate events for team building for companies such as Nike, Inc and Evanta.  We also host demonstrations for small groups- in homes or offices.  We have years of experiencing cooking for small events....and we bring everything to you.  Héctor loves to share his wealth of knowledge about Mexican food, ingredients, and history.  He is so inspired by his culture, and shares the details in unique and humorous ways throughout his demonstrations.  Class is approximately 2 hours;   Hector shops for fresh ingredients right before the class, included in the price.   Contact us for cooking demo suggestions, or let us know what your interests are and we will give you suggestions and create a menu and estimate for your specific event. 

Invite your friends and family to your space, or ask us about various spaces where we host private and public events.   We will design the demo according to your interests....whether its learning about delicious and healthy simple dishes for cooking regularly with your family, or more intricate and unique recipes for hosting a dinner party, or fun and yummy appetizers for a cocktail party.

Do you want to host a Chuparrosa Cooking Demo?!  All you have to do is fill the seats- we do the rest. This is a great option when you want to host a function but not foot the bill.

feastly mexican street food brunch 2
feastly mexican street food brunch