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--San Miguel de Allende

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San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato: 

Named the best city in the WORLD by Travel & Leisure: San Miguel is a stunning and quaint cobble stoned colonial town nestled in Mexico's Bajio region and was named an Unesco World Heritage Site in 2008.  Well known as a large expat community, there are many reasons for the attraction.  Having lived in San Miguel for 7 years intertwined with the locals and the foreigners, the charm of this town never wears off.  Experience the history and charm through the art, theater, artisan markets, incredible local food and landscape.  The botanical garden, hot spring paradises and tucked away museums and galleries are just the beginning.  A place where there is a cause for celebration daily. We know the ins and outs of this vibrant pueblito and will create an experience for you not achievable by just passing through. 


personalized trips to mexico

Ciudad de Mexico

(Mexico City):


Mexico City is, and has always been, the sun in the Mexican solar system. The culinary scene is exploding and a cultural renaissance is flourishing.  The way I describe Mexico City to those who have never been: Imagine walking the streets of New York City, filled with soul and history, and you come around the corner to see an ancient pyramid popping up through the stone of the metropolitan historical center.  It carries a spirit so deep and rich- you can feel it-everywhere.

IMG_1396_Templo_Mayor mexico city.jpg


'A cultural colossus fit to rival anywhere in Latin America for history, gastronomy and colorful manifestations of indigenous culture, Oaxaca is a complex but intensely attractive city whose majestic churches and refined plazas have deservedly earned it a Unesco World Heritage badge. Lovers of culture come here to indulge in the Mexico of Zapotec and colonial legend. Flowing through handsome yet tranquil streets, life pulsates with an unadulterated regional flavor. See it in the color palate of historic boutique hotels, a meet-the-producer artisan store or an intentionally grungy mezcalería(plying locally manufactured alcoholic beverages). But what makes Oaxaca especially interesting are its undercurrents. While largely safe and attractive by Mexican standards, snippets of political protest in recent years have lent the city a grittier edge. It bubbles up in satirical street art, bohemian bars, or been-around-forever street markets. Trust us; there’s far more to this city than just pretty churches.' Lonely Planet

We work closely with local artisans in Oaxaca, and we offer wonderful workshops during these adventures, including paper making (foraging for local fibers and hand making the papers); pottery, weaving, and more.  If you are looking for an authentic and immersive Mexico experience with artisans, this is the trip for you!  


Q-Is it safe to travel to Mexico?  A-Of course we all hear about Mexico in the news, probably daily.  But those who travel there frequently, or have lived there,  know that like traveling anywhere, you need to pay attention and make logical choices.  Héctor of course is Mexican and knows the ropes, and Elizabeth lived there 7 years and spends lots of time there.  We plan our trips to be safe and stress free.

Q-Do I need travel insurance?  A- Yes! All guests will need to fill out a brief questionnaire (to assess if we are a good fit for the trip) and all guests will need to purchase travel insurance.


Traveling FROM the u.s

While flying into BJX (Leon) Airport is the most convenient (1 hour from SMA), tickets are much less expensive flying into Mexico City.  Take a first class bus to San Miguel (approx 3-4 hours) directly from the airport in Mexico City.  You can look into flying into BJX and out of MEX as we are starting the trip in San Miguel and ending in Mexico City.  Most likely, round trip in and out of Mexico City will be most cost effective.






Our passion is to take people to Mexico, to share our experiences, knowledge and connections to this soulful and rich country.  If you come with us, it will change your life too.  Here is a comment from a happy client:

"I first met Hector at his private supper club in Portland, Chuparrosa. My first impression was how passionate he was about his food. His warmth as a host has always stuck with me.

I travel a lot to Mexico for my photography, and went last year to Oaxaca, where Hector was working with artisans, exploring the region, and cooking for locals and travelers. Hector was the perfect guide, so generous with his knowledge of the land and culture. Exploring the region with Hector, was like exploring it with a long lost friend.

If you don't have time to plan a trip, but want a rich and authentic experience in Mexico, I highly recommend Hector's trips..... San Miguel alone is magical, but with Hector's intimate knowledge of his second home, it will no doubt be an unforgettable experience. Whether you are interested in the food, amazing sites, the glorious outdoors, or if you are an artist wanting fresh and rich inspiration, Hector will take you there. I promise you won't be disappointed." Calvin Chen