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culture + cuisine × méxico



was born from our love of the spirit of Mexico, passion for food, freedom of travel, simple living, the beauty and tradition of hand craft and artisanal practices, and the desire to connect people and create community.  


Currently based out of Portland, Oregon, Chuparrosa brings people together through:

  • authentic Mexican catering (view a sample menu here!)

  • event planning

  • cooking demonstrations

  • mezcal tastings & bar service

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connecting cultures and creating community through food + CELEBRATION.

We value clean, healthy authentic cooking, beautiful ambient and aesthetic, creating an inclusive community and team for all of our events. We honor our clients as well as our team, and always strive to create the most positive and enjoyable space for all.

Héctor and Elizabeth met while living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  They quickly discovered they shared a passion for art, design, cooking, creating spaces, community, food, travel...they share a love for the richness of the culture, tradition and artesania of Mexico....they share a desire to create beautiful and interesting objects and spaces, to collaborate in life with all people old and young, to always teach & learn.  Their daughter Xiluen was born in San Miguel.  They have spent the past 9 years between the U.S. and Mexico, creating and building their vision...Chuparrosa.


Héctor Guerrero: Owner + Chef


Héctor Guerrero is from Mexico City.  He is passionate about food, art, music, travel.  Hector is a creator, and loves to share all that he learns and discovers.  He lives a simple and conscientious life, integrating his ideas and experiences between two cultures, bringing both to each other.

 Contact us for more information and dates about supper clubs, trips and classes with Hector Guerrero.


Elizabeth Baena: Owner + event planner

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Elizabeth Baena is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her experience and studies include conceptual art, interior design, jewelry design, company branding, home accessory design and fabrication. She is passionate about art & craft, traditional hand work, food, creating spaces, ritual, travel. She has spent years living in Mexico where she met Hector. Their daughter Xiluen was born at home in San Miguel de Allende. She loves to connect people and create memorable experiences for others, inspired by Mexico.

You can view Elizabeth's full work/experience portfolio at


chupar "to suck" + rosa "rose"


chuparrosa f (plural chuparrosas)

1. (mexico) hummingbird.

aztecs of central mexico recognized the hummingbird as a sort of soul-carrier.

they believed the souls of warriors were carried back to earth in the body of the hummingbird.

hummingbirds ask us to recognize the good stuff.

they remind us to love ourselves enough to go for the very best nectar life offers.

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“....I cannot tell you how incredible of a night we all had. Beyond the food being out of this world we all so appreciated Hector and his company. He was an unbelievable host and I have no doubt our paths will cross in the future!! “ -Tanya, Nike Exec.


Please contact us for menu ideas, planning details and pricing.

We have years of experiencing catering and planning for small & large (10-450 guests) events. Ask about our unique bar service including authentic mezcal tastings and specialty mezcal cocktails, gorgeous floral, music, and more.

Whether it is a 10 person dinner party at your home, a wedding, business or holiday event, opening, a birthday celebration, reunion, or a unique lunch with friends, we will create a memorable and delicious experience for all.  We pay close attention to every detail, and to meticulous cleaning.

view a sample menu here!

Past Clients Include: Prosper Portland, Squarespace, Business for a Better Portland, Nike, Inc., Evanta, Urban Development + Partners, Portland Means Progress, Via Raiz, !Salud!


As much as we love food, we also love a beautiful ambient.  We create experiences through our passions.  Our guests leave feeling inspired, traveled and connected.


Invite your friends and family to your space, or ask about the beautiful spaces where we host private events in Portland.  We will work with you to create the perfect event- we can bring live music, mezcal tastings, flowers + decor.  Whether it's passed appetizers and cocktails or a 5 course meal, get in touch and we will make it happen.

Do you want to host a Chuparrosa?! 

All you have to do is fill the seats- we do the rest. This is a great option when you want to host an event but not foot the bill.

Cooking Demonstrations


to celebrate a special occasion, a holiday, team building or gathering with friends and family, Héctor will create an experience while sharing his best dishes.


We are passionate about home cooked fresh food and Mexican flavors.  Héctor Guerrero is a self taught chef who has spent years cooking with other chefs and creating his own spin on family recipes.  He loves cooking for friends and family, and thoroughly enjoys sharing and teaching others about his discoveries.

Chuparrosa brings the cooking demonstrations and parties to you, and we take care of every detail.  We are well versed in cooking Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan as options.

Contact us to start planning.

cooking demonstration Evanta portland oregon

Team Building, Gatherings with Friends or Family;  Héctor shares  tips and recipes, history about the plates and the culture, and his inspiration. 

An intimate and engaging experience that is fun + memorable.

feastly mexican street food brunch 2
feastly mexican street food brunch