Salsa Making Class!! Sunday June 25th, 2016 4pm-7pm $120 per person

We are so excited to present our first salsa class in Portland!  Come alone for an informative and fun social gathering, or come with friends.  Only 6 spots so grab yours asap! 

At our house, we cook very simply, with delicious seasonal ingredients, and salsas.  Mexican cooking is all about amazing salsas.  Completely transform a simple egg breakfast, a bowl of veggies, or a beautiful piece of fish or meat by adding any one of the salsas you will learn to prepare in this class.  They are easy to prepare, and completely alter any meal.  All of our salsas happen to be free of gluten, vegan and vegetarian. 

In Mexican cooking, there are many ways to prepare salsas, three of which are raw, fried (with oil), and grilled.  In this class Hector will share with you salsa preparations for one of each technique, but also additional tips to make delicious dressings and oils from the same ingredients.

Hector will start with one of our favorite staple raw salsas, Salsa Verde.  One of the best party salsas, but also transforms many meals at home.  He will then show you how to use the juices of this salsa to create a versatile dressing.

Then you will learn to make another favorite, and delightfully complex flavorful salsa using fried chiles with fruit.  After he will show you how to make a chile oil infusion from the same ingredients.

Finally, the grilled salsa, a molcajete salsa.  You have most likely seen a molcajete, they are the traditional Mexican stone version of a mortar and pestal (easy to find).  There are many ways to use this tool, Hector will show you a mouth watering salsa using grilled chiles and vegetables.

We are proud to collaborate with Trish Grantham (, and will be hosting the class in her gorgeous home in NE Portland. 

We are excited for you to join us!  You will learn so many healthy ways to completely transform your meals and dinner parties, without complicated and long recipes.  Salsas are great ways to get kids to eat veggies....and you can control the heat, or easily make spicier versions of the same salsa.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all about the class!

We ask that you hold your seat by paying a non refundable deposit here


We kindly ask that all information gathered in our Quetzal classes are for personal/home use only, and thank you.