Mezcal Tasting & Plato Emperador Food Experience March 4th 2017!

Don't miss this unique and fun experience....Hosted by artist/interior designer Trish Grantham in her amazing home in North Portland (, chef Héctor Guerrero from Mexico City brings you a night to remember.  To learn more about Héctor Guerrero, read here.

Seats are $90 per guest and are limited!  To hold your seat, please make your deposit here.  We are so excited to share this evening with you!

The tasting and dinner features 3 special mezcals from Oaxaca, along with 3 plates (detailed information below).  Additional mezcal, beer & wine will be available for purchase.  Please reach out about dietary restrictions, we are happy to accommodate.

The Mezcal Tasting:

While living in Oaxaca, we spent equal time learning from and collaborating with artisans, as well as with families traditionally distilling artisanal mezcal.  It was beautiful and amazing to see and learn about this process, the amount of work involved, and the passion of these families who are so proud of their product.  We want to share this experience and information with you, and support this artisanal industry hoping to help in protecting this tradition from the same exploitation the tequila industry experienced.  We bring you 3 different samples of a mezcal made by a distiller that we grew to love quickly while living there, that had it's place on the table to share with friends for many meals.  One is a very special small batch mezcal that contains Espadin mixed with Semi-Wild Bicuishe, grown at about 5000 feet, fermented in cypress vats.  The success and unique flavors of mezcal depend on the combination of the altitude and soil in which the varieties of maguey plants are grown, as well as the form of distillation, tanks of fermentation....and the hand of course.

The Plato Emperador Food Experience:

Inspired by pre hispanic traditions of the luxurious meals of Emperors, Héctor brings you his version of this elaborate tasting of Mexican food.  In the past, Emperors wanted to taste exotic flavors of 'chefs' using ingredients and styles from various regions.  It turned into a sampling of bite size exquisite tastes all in one meal-much like tapas we eat today.

Please contact us with any questions.  Our Chuparrosa suppers have been such a success-always a lovely fun mix of people, all new friends by the end of the evening.  Thank you always for your support.

Cash or credit card graciously accepted after the dinner for balance and additional purchases.