Change Your Weekly Meals-Simply-Just Add Salsa

Every week when we go to the store we always find ourselves adding the same exact things to the cart.  It's because we like these things, but we need to change them up a bit.  We don't tend to follow many new recipes- we like to use what we have, or when we see yummy seasonal veggies, chiles, herbs we grab them to make salsas to add to our staple dishes.

If you are at all similar, try shaking things up, simply, with creative salsas/sauces without feeling like you need to spend a ton of time exploring and following complicated recipes! 


No need to measure-throw some cilantro, olive oil(approx 1 cup), splash of white vinegar, lemon or lime, jalapeƱo or serrano chile (to taste), garlic (we like garlicky-3-4 cloves, but add to taste), salt, into your food processor/blender, and voila!

We like to add this to baked or sauteed chicken-or best of course on the grill, pulled from bone.  If you are looking to save time, grab a rotisserie chicken and shred it.  Throw the chicken on some tortillas (our favorite local pre-made tortillas are Three Sisters Nixtamal.  Add the cilantro pesto and you've got yummy dinner.

Add this sauce to anything!  Sauteed or roasted veggies, a piece of fish, any meat, use as a substitute for mayo and make chicken salad. A bowl of greens or arugula with a piece of salmon, add the salsa on top. It's endless.....and delicious.  Kids love it too;)